Sunday, January 27, 2013

Free Write Revenue Streams

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Internet Marketing Companies

Advertising in general can be costly.  Not many businesses whether they be online or offline can afford to dish out hundreds of dollars a month to advertise.  Offline businesses or websites need to keep their name visually in front of their repeat customers and to attract new customers.  Without advertising a business or website might as well not exist.

It's The 21ST Century and Internet Marketing Is So Very Important

Just because a business has a website, a Facebook Page, a Twitter account or any other Social Network presence, without an Internet Marketing strategy having a web presence does not help much.  An offline business might get some visitors to it's web presence but without Internet Marketing, visitors will be limited.  Internet Marketing techniques need to be put into action to create a buzz of interest to direct traffic to acquire loyal Followers and Subscribers.  New website visitors can turn into new customers and new customers turn into repeat business.

Do It Yourself Internet Marketing - Why? - Save Lots Of Money and Increase Your Bottom Line

Yup, if you take the time to learn how to use programs that huge companies like McDonald's, Pepsico and Sony Music use to Internet Market daily, not only can you save hundreds and thousands of dollars a month in advertising costs, you can help your business website stay visible 24-7.  Imagine setting up a months worth of Internet Marketing Campaigns within a few hours time.  If you feel you are not capable of competing with the competition, get over it.  I finally stepped up to the plate to learn how to use programs that multi-million dollar companies use to put my Internet Marketing running 24-7 and by doing so I've noticed a significant increase to my monthly income earned.  Within a few hours time, I can schedule Internet Advertising to auto-post daily to my LinkedIn, Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Facebook Profile, Google +, and my Twitter accounts.

Important Suggestion

Take the time to build up Followers and Subscribers.  During the 30-Day free trial of using both the programs listed below, I set my focus on getting Twitter Followers and Facebook Group Members.  I chose to build up Twitter Followers and Facebook Group Members because these two Social Networks were and still are my busiest used Social Networks.  The LinkedIn and Google + Social Networking websites I do set up auto advertising but I do not set them up to advertise daily.

Woohoo! Newsletters, Coupons and Social Media - DONE!

HootSuite Pro - Social Media Management System

A list of Revenue Sharing Website I focus most of my energy:

Pay Per Click Publisher Networks

A List Of Informative Websites, Pages, Groups & Channels
HomeBaseIncome101 YouTube Channel

InternetEducation101 YouTube Channel

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Online Article Writers Facebook Group

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My daily revenue earned increase significantly. I send out thousands of Tweets and Facebook posts 24-7. It was so worth learning how to use these programs. I look forward to setting up monthly advertising that goes on autopilot.